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My Fablossom arm holders are too tight/loose. Can I adjust them?

Absolutely. The following video shows how to tighten/loosen the rotation of a Fablossom holder.



Besides the original Fablossom, what are some popular flower

designs to create?


The Fablossom Dahlia (forward, reverse, or mixed) is a bit challenging but a lot of fun.

Also the Fablossom Daisy, mini Daisy, and the Fablossom Zinnia are quite popular if you're up for the challenge.



Why did some of my Fablossom flower petals fall off?

This is commonly caused by misalignment of the petals. Before pressing,

make sure each layer of flower petals is centered and that the centers touch,

like pieces of a pie. This is shown in instructions 11 and 12 below. Also, on the

backside of the flower, make sure to fold the fabric points away from the

center as shown in instruction 16 below.



After pressing my creation, it doesn't look quite right. Can it

be disassembled and re-pressed?

Yes. Prior to attaching the felt donut to your creation, your creation can be

disassembled. Just pop out the inner ring, redesign your creation, and re-press it.